Side Window Filtering

Local windows are routinely used in computer vision and almost without exception the center of the window


Results of Subwindows filter

Results of Subwindows filter


Structure and Texture-Aware Image Decomposition via Deep Optimization

Structure-texture image decomposition is a fundamental and challenging topic



We compared our method with some existing methods, included the total variation


Indoor Topological Localization Using a Visual Landmark Sequence

This project aims to conduct indoor topological localization by exploiting the semantic ..

network structure

Relative Geometry-Aware Siamese Neural Network for 6DOF Camera Relocalization

This paper addresses 6DOF camera relocalization through convolutional neural network..


Dual Adaptive Pyramid Network for Cross-Stain Histopathology Image Segmentation

This project proposes a dual adaptive pyramid network (DAPNet) for histopathological gland segmentation adapting


Improving Variational Autoencoder with Deep Feature Consistent and Generative Adversarial Training

We present a new method for improving the performances of variational autoencoder for image


Learning Deep Image Priors for Blind Image Denoising

In this paper, we propose an effective image denoising method by learning two image priors from the perspective of domain alignment.


Direct Application of Convolutional Neural Network Features to Image Quality Assessment

In this paper, we propose the use of learned features to design image quality assessment

Click Here to Quality assessment database for super-resolved images: QADS.